Progress reports othe project teams at the midterm meetingvideo clips:

  •  video 3 Coordinators Report – Maria Zellner, MUW
     video 3 Introduction to Randox – Philip Lowry, Randox
     video 3A novel multiplex protein biochip for newly identified LOAD-specific platelet biomarkers – Maria Zellner, MUW
     video Assay optimisations of LOAD-specific platelet biomarkers at Randox – Roisin Duncan, Randox

    Development of the Ready–to–use platelet isolation kit

                – Malgorzata Siatkowska, Lodz University of Technology

                – Jakub Olbrzymek, LEDO

     video 3 Clinical and statistical analysis of LOAD-related SNPs – Balazs Varga, MUW

    Correlation of LOAD-related SNPs with neuropsychological parameters & Development of the the LOAD DNA chip

                – Ellen Umlauf, MUW


    One carbon metabolomics for LOAD – Jürgen König, UV



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